Rekt Energy LLC. the parent company of Get Rekt drink and apparel was founded in 2015.

We own the USPTO’s from the United States department of Congress on all of our drinks, swag and internet storefronts for Rekt & Get Rekt companies & affiliates.

Our cardiologist approved 2 ounce energy focus fuel shot began researching formulation 30 months ago and through vigorous testing has finally been approved & ready for market in 2019.

Only the finest natural vitamins, minerals, essential oil extracts, and a mixture of green tea and white tea Extracts, have been combined with natural green coffee cacao beans to formulate a healthy alternative to achieve energy and focus, to boost performance with “Sustained Energy, No Crash, No Bull!”

The vitamins, minerals, and healthy extracts have been formulated to create anti-inflammatories for better cardiovascular circulation, while enhancing focus fuel to stimulate hours of endurance awareness..

Our teams cardiologist, Dr. Rod Badger, along with other esteemed physicians, has led the charge to change synthetic and harmful ingredients to natural healthy performance formulations!

Dr. Badger was an undergraduate at Stanford university, a Rhode Scholar candidate while attending university of California medical school, and did his residency at the acclaimed university of Washington cardiology department. He has practiced over 30 years and was a faculty member at the University of Utah medical school, Dr Badger currently travels 4 western states to update cardiologist In new procedures and work with patients for a better quality of healthcare & life!

Our clothing swag line will be second to none and has been created by experience designers of 35 years and combined with our current hip and edgy design team!

Get Rekt Energy Shot & Swag apparel will launch within the next few weeks in a “Roll Out Starter” program that is similar to Kickstarter, but will be managed by Get Rekt's professional management & marketing team, including digital media professionals globally!

The term, “GET REKT”, is estimated to be used over 10 million times per day in the gaming and athletic world. Much of the branding and name recognition is well known throughout the globe and will accelerate & fast track the marketing & sales of our products!

By Vic Deauvono, CEO